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Bijoutex is a custom jewellery enterprise based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in distinctive, custom-made engagement rings, styled with the size and quality of Diamonds that appeal to your taste. A commissioned piece of jewellery is an excellent alternative to mass-produced jewellery and it needn't be expensive, because you define your own budget.


We can also accommodate orders for very large Diamonds, coloured Diamonds, Canadian-mined Diamonds, as well as other exceptional gemstones, such as Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and Pearls.


The jewellery images represent some of the work we have completed recently. Bijoutex jewellery is made with exceptional craftsmanship and care, resulting in beautiful jewellery you will be proud to give … or wear.


Bijoutex proprietor, Marie Ashworth, is a certified gemologist (FGA, FCGmA) and jewellery designer. For over two decades, she and her associates have sourced Diamonds and other Precious Gemstones for commissioned pieces of jewellery. Bijoutex specializes in the design and construction of diamond engagement rings suited to every person’s needs and resources.


There is an engagement ring for everyone  ... and we will make it!

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