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  • Access to a greater selection of diamonds than any retail store can stock, with varying price points.


  • More variety in style of settings. The ability to modify settings to your taste or design completely new ones.  CAD images are e-mailed to clients in every case.


  • Cost of jewellery is tailored to client budgets and free estimates are always provided.


  • Clients are involved in the process, and they find it a more personal, rewarding and fun experience. Clients see their chosen diamonds in person and are provided guidance at every step.


  • We do the research for you, at no extra cost. We search for the best possible diamond buys within your price range and clients make an informed decision.


  • Very competitive pricing. We don’t have the overhead incurred in managing a store and pass on the savings to clients.


  • The best craftsmanship. It takes a minumum of six experts to take a ring from conception to completion, and we use them all.


  • If clients only wish to buy a loose diamond of their choice, they can, including Canadian Diamonds.


  • I am a Certified Gemmologist (FGA, FCGmA) and I can provide more in-depth information about your diamonds/gemstones, all of which are unique.


  • A complimentary, independent, appraisal is given with major purchases, even if a diamond or gemstone already comes with one from an independent appraisal lab. Tips/Care Information is given with every purchase, to make sure your jewellery lasts not only a lifetime, but indefinitely.


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