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Peaches 'N Cream Pearl Necklace

Peaches 'N Cream Pearl Necklace

Perfect Bridal Wear. The luxurious Peaches'N Cream Pearl Necklace is another variation of The Simple Elegance Necklace and the J'Adore Pearl Necklace, and features the subtle Creamy and Peachy tones of beautiful and large Fresh Water Pearls. It is hand-knotted with silk thread. Large silver balls and a silver Double-Heart Charm with silver toggle complete the look. The Heart Charm is suitable for engraving, should you wish to convey a special message.

This necklace is versatile!: Double-Heart Charm in the front, Double Heart Charm in the back, or, to the side. One can also move the toggle up to the neck and create even more looks. Stunning, stylish, versatile and affordable!

The Creamy-Peachy Pearls are approximately 10.5 - 11 mm in size. The length of the necklace is approximately 22" long, including the Double-Heart Charm. To give you an idea of scale, the Double-Heart Charm is itself an inch long.
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