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Pearl Lace Bracelet 2

Pearl Lace Bracelet 2

This is another bracelet in the line of Lace Pearl Bracelets, but it's made from large White Fresh Water Pearls (10-10 1/2mm) interspersed with small (5 1/2mm) pink/lavender pearls to achieve the open and airy design look. Hand knotting between pearls, a dangle and a Silver Toggle complete the fine, finished look.

The bracelets are always unique. One picture shows the two bracelets available in the series: the "dangle" of one has a small lavender pearl. Another picture shows the lavender pearl distinctly, and the fourth picture shows the Lace Pearl Bracelet II with the Simple Elegance Pearl Bracelet.

Beautiful for Brides and Bridal Parties!

The length of the bracelet is approximately 7 1/2" excluding the clasp. I make all of my bracelets to slide down the hand a bit, for that very feminine look.
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