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The Simple Drama Pearl Necklace

The Simple Drama Pearl Necklace

An eye-catcher! The colours are perfect for hot summer fashions. The lustrous Fresh Water Pearls on one side are a violet/bronze hue, while on the other side are a bronze/green. The Simple Drama Necklace is long, with a very large, genuine Howlite gem pendant hanging from a Sterling Silver Bail. The closure is a stylized lobster Silver-Plated Heart. 

A dramatic, classic piece you will wear forever. The play between the different colour tones and sizes of the pearls will keep people looking at it, and, at you!

The pearls are approximately 5-51/2mm in size, with the bronze/green being a touch smaller than the violet/bronze.

The Length with the Howlite is approximately 33" and can be doubled-up for a thin neck. The Howlite gem is almost 3" long.
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